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Base station

Telecommunication networks rely on accurate synchronization and timing reference signals. Without these, networks will not operate to their optimal performance. Packet loss, dropped frames, reduced throughput and in general degradation of end users experience are consequences of a not well designed synchronization system. Therefor base-station designers focus on the overall performance and only then on the total system cost. For these designers a critical function, such as synchronization, has to be implemented properly otherwise it might decrease the quality of the network of the operator and consequently increase the operators operational expenses.

Designers currently use Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) which can ensure excellent holdover from 8 to 24 hours depending on their performance level. SemiBlocks’ SmartXtal solution is designed for optimum performance, and due to its semiconductor implementation its more cost-efficient then traditional OCXOs.

Frequency measurements

Frequency measurements

Time and frequency are fundamental parameters that often have to be accurately measured. To measure the frequency of a Device Under Test (DUT), it has to be compared with an accurate and precise internal frequency generated inside the measurement systems. Often this internal frequency is generated by an Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator. SemiBlocks’ SmartXtal solution delivers the stability required in these frequency measurement systems at a smaller form factor and at reduced cost.



In recent years there has been a move from traditional analog broadcasting to what is called Digital Broadcasting. However, this has a severe impact on the required frequency precision. While in analog broadcasting solutions the required frequency accuracy was approximately 100Hz this has moved down to sub 1Hz for Digital Broadcasting.

GNSS enabled timing systems can provide a very precise clock needed in these systems. They deliver a 1 Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) clock. Nevertheless, external conditions (noise/jamming) or other failures might cause the GNSS receiver to lose lock from the satellite signals. In this case a highly accurate Crystal Oscillator must be present to ensure stable and continued operation of the broadcasting system. That’s what the SemiBlocks solution brings.

Due to its high level of accuracy and small form factor combined with its low cost it is an excellent choice for Broadcasting solutions.

Radar solutions

Radars need to produce clear and sharp images, for this they need to have a stable and good channel lock. In order to do so, they rely on Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) due to their excellent short and long-term stability. Furthermore, radar solutions in airplanes suffer from high altitude turbulence and engine vibrations which can negatively impact the quality of the radar images.

Radar instruments mounted on mobile platforms typically operate in high noise environments due to vibrations, which make tracking of small and slow moving objects difficult.

SemiBlocks’ SmartXtal assists in reducing the noise levels in these applications and thereby help to create the optimal performance needed.

Radar solutions

PLL timing

A phase-locked-loop (PLL) is an electronic system that generates an output signal where the phase of the output signal is related to the phase of the input signal. The PLL consists of a frequency oscillator and a phase detector which are put in a feedback loop. Since the input and output phase are in lock, it also means that the input and output frequencies are the same. In addition a PLL can also generate an output frequency that is a multiple of the input frequency. This is used in computer clock synchronization, demodulation and frequency synthesis.

SemiBlocks’ SmartXtal delivers a high quality, highly accurate reference clock in a small form factor helping out in the optimum design of modern PLL systems.

PLL timing

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