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Our Team

Our Team

We are a high technology fabless semiconductor start-up bringing new solutions for the frequency control and timing market. Our team consist of experts in all relevant fields, from timing solutions to advanced packaging, from application support to new product introduction. We bring extremely cost effective solutions to the market without trading-off in performance.

At the eve of the global roll out of 5G and massive IoT deployment the global communication market is searching for enablers. Our solutions will be instrumental to turn ideas not only into promises but in real, future proof products.

We want to bring high-quality signal & timing products for both the telecom and consumer electronics market against prices normally only available for low-end solutions.

It is our mission to be the most innovative supplier of signal and timing solutions, addressing our customers synchronization needs in the 5G, IoT and all other communication markets.

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Office adrress

SemiBlocks B.V.
Stationsplein 45 d1.125
3013 AK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

SemiBlocks B.V.

SemiBlocks; the SmartXtal inventor.
SmartXtal is innovative, cost effective, small and market changing!

Phone: +31 73 888 79 08

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