Ronald Wilting (CEO)

Ronald Wilting has over 20 years of global experience in semiconductor solutions for the telecommunications industry. He has worked for multinationals as well as start-ups mostly in the areas of Business Development, Product Management and Marketing and Sales. He has detailed understanding of the driving factors for the industry and has successfully managed to build organizations and product portfolio’s.

Rob van der Valk (CTO)

Active since 1985, Rob van der Valk is one of the most prominent architects of timing chips. In 1992, he started working on infrastructure PLLs and delivered a very successful synchronization (timing) chip for Mitel Semiconductor (later Zarlink). This IC is still sold today by Microsemi. He holds over 20 patents, mainly on timing devices.

Lex Lubbers (Sr. Manager of Engineering)

Lex Lubbers has over 24 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Lex was active as IC design engineer at National, SiTel, and Dialog Semiconductor. Over 8 years Lex is leading mixed-signal IC design teams delivering industrialized complex products to mass production.

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