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The SBO8001AA provides a highly accurate clock used as a reference in various timing functions. It comes as a System in Package with a flash memory, crystal resonator and a Multi Mode Integrated Circuit. The package size is 6.0 by 6.0 mm, it has 8 pins and a SPI interface.

Key performance parameters:

  • Frequency stability vs Temperature (+/- 10ppb)

  • Aging frequency drift (>100ppb/year)

  • Output frequency (10-50MHz)

  • Phase noise (2ps)

  • Temperature range (-40℃ – 105 ℃)



The SemiBlocks solution

SemiBlocks is developing a high accuracy oscillators technology. This all CMOS solution is eliminating the effects of hysteresis and allows self-sensing to compensate for frequency errors due to temperature variations.

The SemiBlocks solution works with a low-cost crystal. No further external components are required enabling integration in other functions. It is a technology breakthrough in the field of timing reference technology (like TCXOs and OCXOs).

Office adrress

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The Netherlands

SemiBlocks B.V.

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