Breakthrough Crystal Oscillator
Breakthrough Crystal Oscillator
Breakthrough Crystal Oscillator
… a High Accuracy Oscillator
Technology Platform
… a High Accuracy Oscillator
Technology Platform
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High Accuracy Oscillator Technology

SemiBlocks is developing a high accuracy oscillators technology. This all CMOS solution is eliminating the effects of hysteresis and allows self-sensing to compensate for frequency errors due to temperature variations.

The SemiBlocks solution works with a low-cost crystal. No further external components are required enabling integration in other functions. It is a technology breakthrough in the field of timing reference technology (like TCXOs and OCXOs).

Value Adds of our disruptive Innovation

Highest performance solution in terms of accuracy & stability with integration possibilities.

Better Performance
– Higher accuracy

– Better price performance

– Lower power consumption
More Functionalities
– Integration possibilities

– Shock robustness

– Larger temperature range


Target Markets

Smartphone Platforms_420x160px

Smartphone Platforms

TCXO replacement, improve current TCXOs that
are used in smartphones

Communication Infrastructure_420x160px

Communication Infrastructure

OCXO replacement, improve current OCXOs that
are used in communication infrastructure

Data center_420x160px

Data Centers

VCXO & TCXO replacement, improve current VCXOs
and TCXOs that are used for linecards

About us

In June 2017, SemiBlocks B.V. was founded as a joint venture between AnharmonIC B.V. and Semiconductor Ideas to the Market (ItoM) B.V. This followed 4 years of background technology development in a breakthrough crystal oscillator technology platform.

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