Better than OCXO: SemiBlocks leading SCXO products in the timing market


SemiBlocks SCXO products make the difference with its patented technology: Smart-Xtal®

SemiBlocks SCXO products have Smart-Xtal® technology inside. The groundbreaking Smart-Xtal® technology, compensates for temperature and for stress of the crystal inside the SemiBlocks Crystal Oscillator products.


Compared to the other scxo products in the market

the market leading SemiBlocks SCXO products:

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the Traditional OCXO is facing precision challenges under challenging circumstances

The OCXO market is facing high precision challenges. Traditional OCXO products need SC cut Crystals and an oven to keep the crystal within temperature limits. Therefore, traditional OCXOs have a limit to their performance under both stress and temperature changes, need power to control the temperature.

the SemiBlocks SCXO meets or exceeds the OCXO performance, whilst being smaller, and without any oven

SemiBlocks products make use of a brand new ground breaking patented Smart-Xtal® technology. Unique for SemiBlocks SCXO products is that they compensate for both temperature and stress in the crystal. Hence no oven is needed, whilst the right precision is derived at. The groundbreaking Smart-Xtal® technology to an extent crystal agnostic.

The SemiBlocks Smart-Xtal® technology makes the difference. Compared to existing traditional OCXO products in the market, the SemiBlocks SCXO products have considerable advantages, including low/less power need, faster start up times, smaller in size if need be, lower in weight and better performance on (non-) aging.


SemiBlocks holds the patents to secure its advanced technology position in the OCXO timing markets.

SemiBlocks has its focus on developing new technology for the timing market, precisely to provide an answer to the challenges the changing timing market is facing, today and in the future. SemiBlocks products make use of an in-house developed proprietary and patented Smart-Xtal® technology.

SemiBlocks is a company founded in June 2017. Now, in 2023, its patented Smart-Xtal® technology secures its advanced technology position in the OCXO timing market.


The OCXO market

The OCXO timing market is about USD 464 Million in size today and growing strong. More importantly, the OCXO timing market is changing.

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Improved requirements across segments call for new products

The 5G and 6G networks and IoT markets need better performing products than the existing OCXOs. The new 5G and 6G markets require significantly improved specifications: products that are low power, less sensitive to temperature changes, smaller in size, and lower in weight, that perform better on (non-) aging and have faster start-up times. Similar requirements are driven by the IoT markets.. Smart-Xtal SCXO products are ready to meet these requirements.


Why existing OCXO markets could use new products with improved specifications

Additionally, the more conventional datacenter markets and 4G markets could choose for les power consuming products with a faster start-up time that are less sensitive to temperature changes. Simply because better performance with a lower power consumption means getting more for less operating costs. 

SemiBlocks SCXO is ready for this market. The Smart-Xtal technology ensures lower power consumption for SCXO, whilst meeting or exceeding other specifications.