the SemiBlocks patents secure its advanced technology position in the timing market.

SemiBlocks products have the in-house developed proprietary Smart-Xtal® technology inside. This ground breaking technology compensates for stress and temperature changes of the crystal inside the SemiBlocks crystal oscillator products.

SemiBlocks: a team of world class inventors

The SemiBlocks team is a team of world class inventors. Working in the semiconductor business since the early 90’s, the team combined was responsible for and/or involved in several world class inventions that changed the world, across the electronics, telecom and other industries.


the new SEMIBLOCKS solutions with Smart-Xtal® technology are the answer to the market needs

As world class inventors, the vision of SemiBlocks is to meet not only today’s requirements in the OCXO markets . Rather the SemiBlocks SCXO products should also provide a strong answer to the emerging and future requirements of 5G and 6G plus IoT markets and the timing market as a whole.

SemiBlocks is a company founded in June 2017. Now, in 2024, its patented Smart-Xtal® technology secures the SemiBlocks advanced technology position across the OCXO timing markets.

SemiBlocks Smart-Xtal technology ensures that for the OCXO markets, the SemiBlocks SCXO timing products have the right precision, the right size, superior (non-) aging performance, excellent start-up times and the right weight. 

NEW SOLUTIONS through groundbreaking TECHNOLOGY

The OCXO timing markets needs new solutions SemiBlocks team provides the answers

OCXO markets and users need not only a new entrant as a second provider. Rather the market is moving towards new requirements, such as better (non-) aging, lower weight, lower power need. These are currently not met by existing traditional OCXO products from existing suppliers.

The SemiBlocks Smart-Xtal® technology deliver SCXO products and solutions that provide the answer to both the OCXO markets – as a replacement for, or as an improvement to the OCXO

The SCXO products have the right precision. The SemiBlocks products meet or exceed the aging and temperature requirements for each market. SemiBlocks products have the right size and the best start-up times for each market.